Second AIMS-IAAF Course Measurement Seminar at AIMS Headquarters within the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens (OAKA)


The second AIMS-IAAF Course Measurement Seminar concluded on Friday 13 November at the headquarters of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) within the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens ‘Spiros Louis’, also known as OAKA.

The seminar commenced on Monday 9 November and followed on from the success of a previous seminar held in September 2014. The course was conducted by AIMS General Secretary Hugh Jones, Grade A measurer and Area Administrator.

In total 13 participants from ten different countries attended the course from countries as varied as Norway and Eritrea. Those attending have now returned to their own countries to measure road race courses and produce reports which will provide the basis for their accreditation as international AIMS-IAAF measurers. The following people participated in the course:

  • - Bereket Mesfun, Eritrea
  • - Daniel Tewelde, Eritrea
  • - Jan Schjetlein, Norway
  • - Tuomo Salonen, Finland
  • - Wael Shmais, Lebanon
  • - Vaagn Toukharian, Armenia
  • - Borut Podgornik, Slovenia
  • - Konstantinos Vasilakis, Greece
  • - Robert Terczynski, Poland
  • - Adil Ghorbal, Morocco
  • - El Houssain Daouda, Morocco
  • - Khalid Rougui, Spain
  • - Theo Livitsanos, Greece

About AIMS

AIMS is a member based organisation and since being established in 1982 has grown to a membership of more than 390 of the world’s leading distance races, from over 108 countries and territories. AIMS Members come from every continent on the planet and include the Athens Marathon, The Authentic formed on the legend of Pheidippides, the Greek soldier-runner who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce the Persians had been defeated in the ‘Battle of Marathon’. Other AIMS members include many of the world’s greatest distance races in history such as the Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York & Tokyo Marathons. The three key objectives of AIMS are:

  • 1. To foster and promote distance running throughout the world
  • 2. To work with the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) on all matters relating to international road races.
  • 3. To exchange information, knowledge and expertise among members of the association


Please find enclosed an image from the Seminar that is available for your use free of copyright. The image is available for download by clicking here. The image features the following:

Left to right back row:
Bereket Mesfun - Eritrea, Jan Schjetlein - Norway, Daniel Tewelde - Eritrea, Hugh Jones (instructor) – Great Britain, Adil Ghorbal - Morocco, Robert Terczynski - Poland

Left to right front row:
El Houssain Daouda - Morocco, Khalid Rougui - Spain, Vaagn Toukharian - Armenia, Wael Shmais - Lebanon

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